Palissandro Bubinga 14" x 6"




“Inside the music of drummer-composer-vocalist Israel Varela is a rare mix among Jazz, Flamenco, Mexican, Classical and Arabic colors. Ultimately, though, the surprising artist from Tijuana has figured a way to integrate all five seamlessly in his music. "(by Marco Leopizzi, Music around net Magazine").


Since arriving in Rome, Israel Varela has been one of the most in demand drummers in Europe, capturing the attention of the international music scene. But it is in the context as a leader in his own right that the gifted artist from Tijuana has revealed all his creativity and distinctive style. Besides leading his own group, he has performed with multitudes of renowned Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, Arabic and Pop artists such as: Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Yo Yo Ma, Mike Stern, Bireli Lagrene, Bob Mintzer, Diego Amador, Kamal Musallam, Bob Sheppard, Jorge Pardo, Hiram Bullock, Abe Laboriel, Andrea Bocelli, Alex Acuna, Gary Willis, Pino Daniele, Kai Eckhardt ,Montse Cortes, Raimundo Amador, Alfredo Paixao, Otmaro Ruiz, Carles Benavent, John Pena, Rene Toledo, International Philharmonia of the Californias, Orchestra of Baja California, Javier Colina, and Michael Manring.


Born in 1979 in Tijuana, Mexico, Israel grew up in family filled with singers, pianists, guitarrists and orchestral conductors.He began to perform in public at the age of five, singing and playing piano. Years later at the age of twelve he began doing gigs as a drummer with the best Tijuana local Jazz bands, and studied under Gonzalo Farrugia, and Andrei Tchernishev. A major turning point in his life happened in 1995 when his talent was discovered by the great ALEX ACUNA. At the age of fifteen he was studying in Los Angeles privately under ALEX ACUNA(1995-1998), and later under DAVE WECKL(1998/2000) also privately.
Israel Varela has also studied at the Baja Calfiornia Conservatory, Giuseppe Verdi’s Conservatory(Milan) and Santa Cecilia Conservatory(Rome). where he covered academic classes (theory, harmony, ear training, solfege, music history, analysis & counterpoint).


He arrived in Italy on 2001 and lived in Milan were he studied orchestral percussion and contemporary music at Giuseppe VerdiConservatory.


 Two years later he moved to Seville were he studied and mastered all the demanding techniques, rhythms & harmonies of Flamenco Music under the great Diego Amador, Luis Amador, and all the “Amador” family, in Las tres mil viviendas. This became an important period for Varela as during this period he developed his own voice as a drummer and as a composer knowing the Flamenco Tradition and using his own original style to add to it. He recalls: “when I first listened to Camaron, and Paco de Lucia, they blew my mind, but then when I listened to Diego Amador's music my life changed".


A few years later Diego Amador called him to join to his Flamenco Quartet.


His debut album "Tijuana Portrait" (2008)with original compositions was internationally acclaimed winning the Euro Latin Award 2008.

Now Varela is taking a new direction on his second album “Border People”, experimenting not only with Flamenco, Jazz and Mexican music, but also taking a new and fresh musical direction focusing in his latest passion: "arabic music", using different sounds and textures and a new set of collaborators, including Arabic Oud player Kamal Musallam and special guest Alex Acuna.

Israel Varela is currently a member of the Diego Amador Trio(Spain), Kamal Musallam Trio(United Arab Emirates), and his own band Israel Varela " Trio"(Italy).

He also teaches Drums at Centro Ottava Music School in Rome.














Nato dalla curiosità di provare uno strumento in palissandro e bubinga ha dato origine a un risultato davvero notevole, presenza nella parte bassa e risposta molto ricca e aperta sulla parte alta danno vita a uno strumento estremamente versatile grazie anche alla sensibilità elevata 




Essenza: Palissandro e Bubinga

Rullante: 14"x 6"

Spessore fusto: 1 cm

Verniciatura: Lucida all'acqua

Fori per l'aria: 3

Cordiera Puresound a 16 fili

Pelle Battente: Evans G1

Pelle Risonante: Evans Hazy200 











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